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Missed Periods? Here are 18 Reasons Why!

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This happens to most of the girls and women out there. When they miss their period, girls usually freak out. The first thought on most of the girls mind is "AM I PREGNANT?"

This post may have some content which can make some of you uncomfortable. The is a natural thing and there is nothing to be uncomfortable or embarrassed about it. I am openly sharing my experience on the internet. But if you still feel you won't be able to take it, you can read some other post.

Missed Periods? Here are 18 Reasons Why!

There are various other reasons for a girl to miss her period other than pregnancy. I sometimes miss my period for almost two to three months. It is really scary. I once consulted a doctor. She had some tests done and then told me that I have less blood and iron in my body and prescribed some medicines. Also, I had put on weight so she asked me to reduce my weight.

I am writing this article just to help many girls out there who miss their periods, especially the ones who are sexually active.

Firstly, always keep a track of your period dates. I use a mobile app called Period Tracker. It is very useful. It tells me the cycle length, fertile days, projected start date, etc. Keeping a track of your period help you to know how late you are.

 Missed Periods? Here are 18 Reasons Why!

Pregnancy is not the only reason girls miss their periods. But those who are sexually active should consider taking a pregnancy test just to be on the safer side.

What could be some reason for a girl to miss her period other than pregnancy? If you are not pregnant, other causes of missed or irregular periods include:

  • Excessive weight loss or gain. Although low body weight is a common cause of missed or irregular periods, obesity also can cause menstrual problems.
  • Eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia.
  • Increased exercise. Missed periods are common in endurance athletes.
  • Emotional stress.
  • Illness.
  • Travel.
  • Medications, such as hormonal birth control methods, which may cause lighter, less frequent, more frequent, or skipped periods.
  • Hormonal abnormalities, which cause fluctuating levels of the hormones needed to support menstruation.
  • Illegal drug use.
  • Problems with the pelvic organs, such as imperforate hymen, polycystic ovary syndrome, or Asherman's syndrome.
  • Breast-feeding. Many women do not resume regular periods until they have completed breast-feeding.
  • Age. Girls often take several years to start having completely regular periods. Some girls just remain irregular. Older women begin to miss periods as they enter pre-menopause.
  • Recent miscarriage or abortion.
  • Tampon use. A retained or broken-off tampon in the vagina can cause blocked blood flow and a foul odor.
  •  Being around lots of other women. When women spend a lot of time together, their menstrual cycles may start coinciding (happening at the same time). This can cause early or late periods.
  •  Sexually transmitted diseases.
  •  Other diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome, tuberculosis, liver disease, and diabetes can cause missed or irregular periods, although this is rare. However, if any of these diseases are present, you will usually have other symptoms besides menstrual irregularities.
  •  Cancer in your Fallopian tubes

If you've skipped a period, try to relax. Restoring your life to emotional and physical balance can help. Many women miss periods now and then. Unless you are pregnant, chances are your cycle will return to normal next month.

Missed Periods? Here are 18 Reasons Why!

Have fresh fruits and lots of leafy vegetables. Ginger, Cinnamon, Jaggery, Sesame seeds, Papaya (unripe), coriander seeds, Papaya seeds, carrot juice are few things that are highly beneficial in regulating menstrual cycles and also relieving menstrual pain.

Proper weight must also be maintained. Yoga is very helpful to maintain weight and reduce stress. If the problem persists for a long time consider visiting a doctor. Don't delay treatment. Otherwise, you may face major problems in the long run like in-ability to conceive, etc.

(Kindly note:- I'm not a doctor or anyone having expertise in the medical field. But I have done some good research work before writing this article. I have referred to various medical websites and have also consulted my doctor.)

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