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Facing My Fear Of Flying with Indigo (Goa to Mumbai)

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Flying may be a comfort to many but for me it is a nightmare. I am extremely scared to fly. I prefer taking the long 12 hours excruciating train journey rather than the 1 hour flight journey.

I am not sure when and how this fear of flying actually started. All I can say is that this fear has taken over every single corner of my mind. It's not just me, but whenever any of my family members, friends or loved ones decide to fly somewhere, this fear overpowers me again. I have avoided travelling to long distance for almost 5 years now. The last time I travelled somewhere was to Karnataka in the year 2012.  

My first flight experience was in 2010 when I travelled from Mumbai to Mangalore. The journey was quite smooth however, the landing was a bit rough and bumpy. Following that year, I came across various aviation related accidents including the missing MH370 which somewhere gave rise to my fears.

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Last year, 2017, my college decided to take us on a week long trip to Goa for a bonding as well as a fun experience. I was pretty excited because well "GOA". But this excitement soon turned into an uncontrollable fear when the organizers announced that the trip would include flight hourneys both way. Luckily, due to some budget issues, the flight journey was changed to one way.

I was not sure whether I should go or not. After the continuous convincing of my friends and family, I enrolled myself. Each day coming closer towards the trip just made me miserable. I wouldn't get sleep at night as various scary scenarios would flash before my eyes. I tried everything, youga, meditation, therapy, music, entertainment, prayers, studies, books, counselling, literally everything but I was unable to get rid of this fear.

Boarding My Flight (Copyright: The Confused Mango)

The day of the trip finally arrived. We were about to embark on a train journey towards Goa on the eve of my birthday. Before I left my house, I was in tears and said my goodbyes to everyone. My backpack had a column filled with all types of religious materials. 

During the train ride, my teachers and friends kept assuring me that everything will be fine. The next few days, somehow, my mind was distracted thanks to the beautiful scenaries in Goa and the company of my friends.


The day arrived when I was about to return. That night, I wouldn't get sleep. I prayed and prayed. The journey from my hotel towards to airport was quite a nightmare in itself. While my friends were singing and dancing in the bus, I sat there in the corner staring out of the window almost paralysed.

The airport was pretty clean and there was a proper security check. The Indigo ground staff was kind and helpful. The line for boarding pass was quite long and there was just one counter open. Our bags were checked and we received our boarding pass. We all moved towards the individual security check. Security was rapid and efficient. Once, everything was done, I sat in the waiting area looking at all the people thinking to myself this is it.

Moving towards security check

I watched as various planes departed and landed. Finally, it was time for our flight. My friends were aware that I was quite nervous. They joked about the fun we had on our trip along the way. The flight was full. There was a young couple with their 6 month old baby sitting in the seat besides mine.


The ticket price was around 2k. The legroom was quite good. The seat cover in front of me didn't have a barf bag and I was quite nervous how my system would react. However, luckily, I was okay. The airplane took off on time. The take-off was smooth. Immediately after take-off, the flight attendants started the food service. Much of the food mentioned in the menu wasn't available. There were some packed snacks and beverages which were available. I had just had my lunch before leaving for the airport and so I didn't purchase anything. However, my friend did purchase "Bun-Maska" (Bread-Butter) and was quite satisfied with it.

Inflight Selfie

Along the way, we did get some turbulance thanks to the Cyclone Ockhi. I couldn't recline my seat at all as the person sitting behind wasn't "comfortable". The airhostess offered him a bigger seat for an extra 800 INR but he didn't take it and I had to sit straight the whole flight. There was air traffic congestion at Mumbai Aiport and our plane didn't get the permission to land. We were circling in air for almost half hour. 

The landing was quite smooth. Once we landed, we had to wait for quite sometime to deboard as the Indigo buses hadn't arrived. Due to our delay from the plane to the luggage claim, we didn't have to wait much for our luggage.


Although I haven't completely gotten over my fear of flying, I do feel better as compared to before. Flying Indigo was a great experience for me. The smooth journey surely did boost my confidence in myself and the aviation industry. 

If you too have a fear of flying, do share your experience with me in the comments section below. 

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