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Eco-Friendly Visarjan of Bappa with Vodafone! #GoodinGoodbyes

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Ganpati Bappa came to our homes with loads of blessings and hopes and we welcomed him with all the glory and merriment. But now the days for him to return back are nearing and we sure would be saddened to see him go. Ganeshotsav is celebrated with full heartiness, enthusiasm and excitement across India especially in the state of Maharastra.

The festivities last for 10 days which begins with establishing Lord Ganesha’s Idol at home and ends with its Viserjan. The devotees bid farewell to their loved God in complete merriment and lots of love. But in the midst of all the celebrations of visarjan, we usually ignore our Mother Nature and end up hurting the creation of God. We all are aware of the amount of water pollution that takes place because of the Visarjan.

Source: Vodafone

Immersion of Ganesh Idols which are made out of Plaster of Paris (PoP) i.e. calcium sulfate hemihydrate in lakes, rivers, and sea leads to polluting the water. It takes several months to totally dissolve Ganesh Idols made up of PoP into the water. The colors used in the decoration of idols contain harmful chemicals containing mercury, the lead which leaks into the water as the idol dissolves. It kills aquatic plants and marine life, damaging the ecosystem under water.

Is this the farewell we want to give our dear Ganpati Bappa?

Many companies have tried to be a part of this festivity by means of banners, hoardings, and sponsorship. But one company thought something out of the box. This year Vodafone was a part of the celebrations in one of the best ways possible. Vodafone wanted to connect with its customer’s by centering the celebrations and itself on its core value of innovation and sustainable living. Vodafone decided to tackle the problem of water pollution in its own way. They came up with the idea of Eco-Ponds.

Source: Vodafone

What are Eco-Ponds?

The Eco-pond is technology driven and uses (IOT) device which helps track the water level in it once the Ganpati idol is immersed. The concerned family/Housing society/Organizing Committee also get an SMS alert.

Vodafone team partnered with NCL and the latter provided them with a solution of ammonium carbonate that dissolves the idol and leaves the sludge, which can be later filtered and re-used to make chalks and other products. The brand teams studied how much chemical solution would be needed to immerse Ganpati idols. The weighing machine also helps the NCL and Vodafone ascertain on how much chemical solution is needed to dissolve the idols once they are immersed in the pond. Once the pond is full, it is replaced with other pond and the first one would be cleaned and re-used.

Isn’t this wonderful!

That’s not it! On the other hand, the brand has also set an Aarti stand as people perform puja before immersing the idol in the water. So, once they keep the idol on the Aarti stand, it will weigh the idol and then calculate on how much solution is needed to dissolve the total number of idols in the pond.

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