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The Confused Mango

Journey Through Various Trends and Thoughts.


Dedicated Blogger, Super Foodie, F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fan, Bathroom Singer, Loves Music and Movies, Wedding Maniac, Teacher, Seamstress and more.

That's all me!
This Blog focuses on my Journey through Life.

My blog is dedicated to:-

  1. Reviews (Products, Books and Movies)

  2. Recipes

  3. My Life Experiences and Adventures

  4. Short Stories and Poems

  5. Lifestyle and Fashion

  6. Personal Stories (Good and Bad)

  7. Things I Like

  8. Social Issues

  9. Self Improvement

  10. Promotions and Posts For Contests

.............................................And much more things.

Why Confused Mango?

When I was in school, my teacher had once conducted an exercise session to see what we can tell about a person from the first look. Blank papers were taped on our backs and we had to go about writing what our first thought about that person was. After about 10 mins, we were asked to settle down and check our papers. 90% of my paper was filled with just one thing, "You Look Confused!" Well, people changed their opinion once they got to know me. Not only this but in many instances, I have been told I have a very confused look on my face. So I decided to use this name itself.

Well, Mango because I am a Manglorean Catholic. And when I tell this to people, they reply saying, "Oh, so you're a Mango!" Hence, Mango!

I also have a wedding blog. I don't have a specific Facebook page for this blog. But I share all my articles on my wedding blog's page. I am also on Twitter.

Here are some of my achievements over the years as a blogger.

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